It was all just a dream...
  • Rose and The Doctor are seperated forever - Doctor Who - Doomsday


  • findkt:

    Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California
    Purple. Fuckin. Sand.

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  • go-westfield-wolverines:

    Sorry for the size issue - I don’t know how to make the bottom image smaller. But I posted it separately earlier - and there you can see it properly, not cut off.

    This is such a beautiful prop.

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  • Whatever you post online is always fair game. I’ve learned this the hard way.

  • Yes and no. Depression is quite a real thing. It doesn’t really exist within the realm of black and white thinking; there’s more gray matter involved. Making the decision to try and look for the best with each new day is a positive step in the right direction. :)

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  • darkdhalia:

    not an offcial teaser but congratulations to the fans who made it. It’s simply awesome! 

    Agreed. This fan made teaser really looked like the real thing.

    (Source: the-fallen-sky-exist)

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  • Tonight was my second painting class at Currier. I am learning so much. It’s phenomenal. Last week, we worked on blending complementary colors. This week, the assignment was to pick out a picture of something that I wanted to paint. Being that I really want to go visit the Big Sur, I decided to paint McWay Falls. After bringing in my picture, I took a plain white canvas, and had to paint the entire thing bright yellow, while blending in some water as I painted. Then, as that was drying, I had to grid out and draw all the major shapes that are present in the picture that I selected to paint. Once I completed that, I took some graphite paper, put it underneath my sketch on top of the yellow painted canvas, and retraced everything back over using a pen this time to make sure that I traced over everything. I put a hardcover book underneath the canvas, so that I could apply enough pressure. Next week, I will begin painting on the canvas using a color blocking method, in which I paint all similar colors first. I will start with all the blue tones in the painting first. I can’t wait.

  • supremecordeliagoode:



    E! says the teaser is fake. But to be perfectly honest, the responses from FX seem so half-assed (no actual or direct statement/quote) that I’m still really suspicious, not to mention for the other reasons this teaser is pretty good. I am still thinking it’s a leak that FX is trying to cover up, which would be consistent with how annoying RM has been about details this season. I sent a message to the designer of the storyboards (which they said they were hired to make but not who hired them) but I’m not expecting a response because they probably have about a million. What do you guys think? The general consensus seems to be that Fallen Angel is a leak, not fanmade.

    It looks too professional to look fake.

    The teaser also does what it’s supposed to do: tease. 

    I don’t think a fan wouldn’t be able to perfectly tease us without giving too much away. 

    Agreed. I think FX is butthurt tbh. But if it genuinely is fake, they need to hire the people that made it
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