It was all just a dream...
  • G-W-W: Hope you get to attend Burning Man this year. It looks like a wonderful experience.

  • American Horror Story: Around this time last year, we started to enjoy teasers for the new upcoming season. Where are they FX?

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  • Eh

  • It’s been a crap day.

  • Yes, I sure do.

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  • In regards to the recent suicide of Robin Williams:

    What’s even more sad is that if this were just a regular non-famous person, they wouldn’t be getting this attention. They would just become another statistic. The solution should be in reaching out to those in your life who you feel may be depressed to such a drastic extent as Robin was and as many other people are. It is not a good mind set to be in at all, and can be very easy to become entrapped in. I can tell you that. Reach out to those in need before it’s too late.

  • untillwedrop:


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  • susancutie:

    Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California [4128 × 2752]

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  • Fort Kent, Maine: Officials Refuse to Help a Homeless Person

    I was so sad to hear how Fort Kent, ME, officials refused to help a kind homeless man. He had to walk all the way on foot to Presque Isle, which is normally over an hour drive. When the dispatcher at the police station attempted to offer advice on how he could access a homeless shelter in Presque Isle, the official told her to stop talking because “then the town would have to pay for his services.” I am so ashamed to call this my home town. I hope the town officials responsible have a life humbling experience to help them develop more empathy, and that they never have to go through what this poor man had to go through while lugging the contents of his life in a heavy suitcase walking down a long road to try and find shelter. How awful. I am seriously crying over this. What is wrong with this world that we have forgotten how to feel for our fellow person?

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