Remember, somehow, somewhere, someone out there loves and cares about you.

A Picture from Life's Other Side by Woody Guthrie on Spotify

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The Beatles - In My Life

I wish I could rewind back to the very early Spring of 2012, when times were happier. I had such good times and feelings of accomplishment then. I miss old friends and places.

The divorce papers were all agreed upon and signed last week. Just waiting on the judge to finalize everything, and then, I’m divorced. Playing the waiting game. It’s an odd feeling. It’s been coming for years, but still odd.

Feeling sad…Do you ever just need another human’s touch, like a hug or something? I feel like I tend to forget what that feels like sometimes. I mean, I hug my kids to show them love, but to have someone actually reach out to you….

I Hurt, Too - Katie Herzig and Brandi Carlile

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